Gambia: Company Profile of CLAIRE L. PHOTOGRAPHY


Sector: Communications

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Individual and group portraits, events and freelance photography.

Claire L. Photography offers prints and a variety of printing services to families, businesses, schools, institutions and NGOs.

Whether in studio or on location, Claire L. Photography helps families capture timeless memories through personal photo shoots and special events (covering weddings, birthday parties, cocktail events etc.).

Claire L. Photography helps corporates, institutions and NGOs promote their work and their brand by providing them strong photographic images that reflect their strengths.

Claire L. Photography is also unique in providing professional fine art printing services directly in The Gambia and can help you in creating, ordering and shipping various photo projects from Europe (books, canvases, magnets, calendars and much more).

With a passion for photography and after having worked more than ten years for an international humanitarian organization, Claire Ladavicius established her company. Claire is a bilingual French national who has lived in The Gambia since 2004. She established her company and new photography studio in Fajara in late 2014.


  • Nearly a decade of experience in capturing people and illustrating the work of renowned international humanitarian organizations and institutions in Africa and Europe.
  • Since 2014, Claire Ladavicius started offering her professional photography services to various companies, schools, hotels and restaurants in The Gambia.
  • Her work has been commended, exposed and published internationally.

How it fits in the world:

  • Creating timeless memories for families
  • Supporting corporations to strengthen their brand through strong images
  • Helping institutions and NGOs portray their work and reach out to their existing or future donors