Gambia: Company Profile of STUDIO 361


Sector: Communications

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Studio361 was founded in January 2000 and is located in Kotu, The Gambia. Studio361 is a marketing, advertising, design and media consulting company.

Since its creation the company, initially The Studio, has repositioned itself into marketing and advertising to offer a more comprehensive service to its customers and prospective customers, thus rebranding to Studio361. Our aim has always been to revolutionize creative design, marketing and advertising standards nationally, thereby making your products winners in any competitive market.

Since its creation the company has been renowned for its professional standards in projects it undertakes.  The company has worked with Forbes Global Magazine’s country report team producing adverts for the supplement report on The Gambia; Managed an awareness campaign for VOA (Voice of America), worked on the branding of the Beijing+ 15 meeting held in The Gambia and branding of Gambia Bird Airlines.

Studio361’s list of customers ranges from the tourism industry to banks and communication companies. Currently we managed the communication, advertisement and media portfolio of Western Union in The Gambia and have done for the past 5-6 years.

Due to the size of the company, Studio361 stands as a focal point for getting the right freelancers in all media areas depending on the project it undertakes.

Experience has made us understand The Gambian Market. This enables us to guide customers in the right direction and save them time and money. Studio361 has indisputably designed the most logos for companies within The Gambia and in many instances creates most of these companies’ brochures, print ads, TV ads, and billboard designs.

The company is looking is looking to diversifying its product mix – through the introduction of developing a printing portfolio, we have already starting printing Billboard materials and banners etc and hope to develop this area of the business to complement our core activity.

Our plans are to be based in The Gambia but forged partnerships with outside agencies and companies to represent and conduct work in the Gambia and within the West African Region based on our experience.