Company Profiles

After extensive on-site research and interviews with company CEOs, Managing Directors, and Chairmen, our teams put together personalized company profiles designed to give businessmen and potential investors real insight into the inner workings, history, and future plans of the top businesses in our country or region of interest.
Here you can find a complete listing of all the company profiles available for each researched area.

All Company Profiles
Company Sector Country Year Language
United Mining Supply (UMS)TransportGuinea, Republic of2009EN
SML Catering & Hospitality ServicesServicesGuinea, Republic of2009EN
Esper Jehad GuinéeServicesGuinea, Republic of2009EN
TranscoServices-Transportation--Logistics Port Handling - TransitGuinea, Republic of2009EN
STCC – NCT NecotransServices-Transportation--Logistics Port Handling - TransitGuinea, Republic of2009EN
Riviera Royal HotelTourismGuinea, Republic of2009EN
Hôtel Mariador PalaceTourismGuinea, Republic of2009EN
Port Autonome de ConakryTransportGuinea, Republic of2009EN
Société des Eaux de Guinée, S.E.G.Energy and HydraulicsGuinea, Republic of2009EN