The Republic of Guinea
from Rags to Riches

Introduction - Demography - Climate - Historical life - Towns - Daily life
Markets - Religions - Arts - Women in Guinea - Oral tradition


If you really want to have an in-depth view of all the resources and the wealth of Guinea, you have to go the markets of Conakry. Africa is well-know for its huge open-air market and the market of Madina is one of the biggest in West Africa.

The Market of Madina


The word "Madina" is borrowed from "Medine", the holy city of Saoudi Arabia. Also called the world of trading, Madina offers all what you want from every part of the world, but you definitely need a local guide to find your way in the several kilometers of little shops. You can meet there big business men and small traders you are working side by side, seeking to develop their commercial activities. Everything is made to satisfy the needs of the customers. Madina has got a variety of shopping centers, big ones, small ones, simple tables and even some salesmen put their goods on the floor. Many companies such as SOGECILE, AZ Cooperation, DAFCO international, Société Barry Diallo open stores and shops in Madina.
You can meet people from all around the world like Europeans, Indians, Chinese or Senegalese. Food, clothes, housing equipment, cars, buses, cement, wood are to be sold all along the five kilometers of the market, from Coléah to Matam. There is also a special place called "Kass" where spare or old artefacts can be sold. The place that one has to know in Madina is the "Marché Mondial" where many stolen goods are sold in a very cheap price!

The Niger Market.

Niger Market

The Niger market is located in the commune of Kaloum, it is the second market of Conakry. Customers use to say that Madina practises lower prices than Niger which is in the core of the business and administrative centre. In Marché Niger, salesmen trade goods such as electronics, food and clothes.

The country has got many other markets such as the one in Labe, Kindia or Kankan and they are all supervised by the Department of trade industry and small scale industry from the Ministry of Commerce. But it is not an easy task since everybody is a potential salesman in Guinea.

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