The Republic of Guinea
from Rags to Riches

Introduction - Demography - Climate - Historical life - Towns - Daily life
Markets - Religions - Arts - Women in Guinea - Oral tradition


The origin of the name Guinea itself is obscure. Some suggest that Guinea might be derived from the ancient Niger River Basin trading center, Djenne. More likely it derives, through Portuguese usage, from the Berber Akal-n-Iguinawen (land of the blacks). Yet another possibility is that it comes from the word geenay, meaning "women" among the coastal Soussou, and that somehow this name came to be applied to a widespread area of the African Coast.

Guinea is #162 out of 174 in the listing of the UN Human Development Rankings, based on income, health care, life expectancy and educational levels. The US ranks #3, preceded by Canada and Norway. Guinea is followed only by Malawi, Rwanda, Mali, Central African Republic, Chad, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Sierra Leone

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