The Republic of Guinea
from Rags to Riches

Introduction - Finance - Commerce - Energy - Mining - Agriculture - Fishing
Communication - Transports - Tourism - Conclusion


Moving towards a globalized economy Despite enduring a deep recessionary period, Guinea is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in Africa. With the movement towards globalization, Guinea is working hard to expand its horizons and sever its dependence on old ties such as France and the Eastern Block. More and more, the Republic is turning towards other markets.
It is concentrating especially on building relationships with South East Asia, as the similarities between the regions are such that each side will benefit from the know how and knowledge both can bring in order to create a strong and solid south-south cooperation. To quote Mr. Danso, Director of SAG, "Africa is to Asia, what Asia was to Europe and the US". Which is why now, in the beginnings of the new millennium, is the time to focus on the opportunities in Guinea.

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September 28th 2000 Issue.

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