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Mara River at the Masai Mara Natural Reserve

Beautiful and wild, Kenya brings together and encompasses immense diversity and contrasts in all senses. From its different landscapes to its mix of people, Kenya has long been a country for lost souls and those eager to learn about life on the African continent.

People flock to Kenya from all over the world. All excited and searching for something of their own; yearning for and thinking that it will be in the bush, in the nakedness of nature, that they will find it. Some come as the adventurer camping in the middle of the bush, looking out for their long desired encounter with the king of beasts, and others come as the romantic colonialist wanting to retreat back in a time when life seemed uncomplicated and rich. Whatever the reasons are, these people are all taking a break from themselves or are running away from an all to familiar life, to begin a new one, in what some Kenyans call the new frontier.
This frontier spirit that emerges especially among the white Kenyans and visitors alike, stems from the fact that there is an enormous wide space still to be discovered. One can only speak of this "space" here in Kenya. It is so vast and seemingly infinite, that people get an eerie feeling of being exposed to the bareness of nature. A nice feeling compared to that of packed city centers with honking horns and rude, pushy people, some would say.

A buffalo, one of the Big Five African animals not afraid of men

From the Northern Desert to the deserted islands lining the coast, from the largest lake in the world to the largest wildlife reserve in Africa, there is always something more in store and more to discover in a land of great riches.

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