Zambia: Interview with Mr. Antonio Ventriglia

Mr. Antonio Ventriglia

Managing Director (Zambezi Portland Cement Limited)

Mr. Antonio Ventriglia
What is the story behind Zambezi Portland Cement? How did you decided to come to Zambia and what were the main reasons that encouraged you to do it?

I was born in Italy, my parents came to Zambia in 1956 when I was just a young boy. I have built my own family in Zambia and now I consider myself Zambian because I have spent  53 years of my life in Zambia.

The story of Zambezi Portland Cement started in 2004 when my son came up with the idea of building a Cement Factory because we were struggling to find cement to carry out the projects of our construction company, Ital Terrazzo Limited, registered in 1969 in Z ...

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