Pascal Belda


Originally from Marseille, France and with over 25 years of experience in worldwide markets, Pascal has had the chance to live, work, and do business in more than 70 countries. He is quite experienced in publishing, advertising, business intelligence, and international networking.

Lucía Marti

Legal Department Director

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Lucía received her master’s in Business Law and Consulting from the Universidad Valencia. She has vast knowledge and extensive professional experience in national and international corporate contracts, IP rights, commercial litigation, arbitration, and legal compliance.

Stan Aron


A life-long nomad, Stan was born into a French family living in Houston, Texas (USA). Since graduating from the London School of Journalism and getting a master’s degree in Media Management from Ipag Business School, he has worked as a journalist in print and multimedia formats in France, China and now Spain.

Daniel Martínez

Creative Director

Originally from Valencia, Spain, and with over a decade of experience as a graphic designer and art director, Daniel has been lucky enough to make a living out of his passion. He studied a wide variety of creative and design degrees in Spain, thus making him a well-versed and extremely competent director.

David Hazan

General Secretary

David was born in Tanger, Morocco, and now holds Spanish citizenship. He studied at the Centro de Enseñanza Superior en Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación Don Bosco, in Madrid. He began working for WINNE in 2003, and he ensures the smooth operation of all aspects of World Investment News.

Ricardo Gabisson

Finance Director

From Buenos Aires, Ricardo handles World Investment News’ finances. He graduated from Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires with a Master’s degree in Strategic Administration, and prior to that, he earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.