(Public Relations and Marketing Profiles)

WINNE was established in 1996 as a multimedia information company. Our mission is to connect businesspeople through the production of business intelligence, multimedia content, and advertising.

Utilizing various content distribution methods (economic reports, business guides, information published on-line), we provide international investors and corporations with up-to-date information on emerging economies.

Constantly growing, our company is recruiting young professionals who are prepared to travel up to 11 months a year in any country and who see a reflection of themselves in the following descriptive adjectives: Open minded, dynamic, extrovert, team player, born negotiator, problem solver, leader, and internationally-oriented professional.

Position: Sales Consultant

Location: Worldwide

Position Type: Full-Time

Financial Package: Fixed commissions + commissions + expat benefits (accommodation, transportation, telecommunication expenses paid for) + career development plan.

    Main Objectives:
  • Travel directly to selected countries around the world with a colleague and stay on-site from anywhere between 16 to 32 weeks.
  • Obtain the most precise and relevant information about the economic trends, investment climate, and potential investment opportunities in the country.
  • Ensure the financial success of the project.
    Responsibilities & Tasks:
  • Assist your Country Director in all tasks related to the project.
  • Schedule and manage contact with country leaders (telephone calls, follow-up with clients, organize meetings, etc.).
  • Negotiate sales proposals (conducting sales meetings, negotiating contracts and payment conditions, preparing proposals, etc.).
  • Public Relations (attending special events; collaborating with local government officials, local organizations, and local media, etc.).
    Qualifications & Skills
  • University degree in business, marketing, international relations, or public relations
  • Previous experience in sales roles is highly valued
  • Display cultural, gender, religious, racial, and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Ability to work as a team member, be a good listener and well-organized, pay attention to details, and meet deadlines
  • Outstanding organizational skills and ability to effectively multi-task
  • Excellent computer and internet skills
  • Exceptional writing and oral skills in English and French and/or Spanish is a fundamental requirement.

ESSENTIAL: Your personal situation must allow you to travel 11 months of the year for a minimum of 3 to 4 months on each assignment.

(Student and Entry Level Profiles)

Word Investment News (WINNE) is a worldwide publishing house and business intelligence provider based in Madrid which produces practical information, multimedia content and advertising for world renowned publications such as Harvard Business Review (in English), L’Express (in French) and ABC (in Spanish). The company also produces eBiz Guides, investment guides for business globetrotters, and eBiz Africa Review, the first magazine in Spanish dedicated to Africa.

Position: Editorial & Design Assistant

Location: Madrid

Position Type: Internship, Work schedule flexible depending on candidate availability

    Main Objectives:
  • We are looking for an intern to assist the Editorial, Research & Development, and Design departments.
    Qualifications & Skills
  • Fluent in English, with a good level of Spanish (French would be a bonus)
  • Interested in world news, current affairs, politics and the global economy
  • Well organized and able to manage several projects at the same time
  • Able to write, edit, and fact check editorial content, with a keen eye for detail
  • Know how to use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator (Premiere would be a bonus)
    Responsibilities & Tasks:
  • Proofreading and fact checking content
  • Transcribing interviews
  • Doing the layout for some of our publications (in coordination with the Creative Director)
  • Writing short advertorial and advertising texts (in coordination with the Editor in Chief)
  • Researching key information about countries for future World Investment News projects
  • Managing the website by uploading interviews and company profiles
  • Print and plastifying documents
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