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Ethiopia Links
Art & Culture 
Art and Images Writing Systems
Ethiopia Gallery Amharic & Ge'ez at Warsaw University
HIM Image Archive Thesaurus Linguae Aethiopica
Images from EthiopiaThe Fidel Syllabary
 Ethiopic Numbers
Online ImagesQalam for Arabic
Ethiopia Gallery
Latin Based Affan Oromiffa
Horn Archive at UPennSoftware Directory
Ethiopia Archive at UPenn 
PoetryFassil Ethiopian Restaurant
Qine & Other Samples Ras Teferi Restaurant
Institute of Ethiopian Studies Award Winning Adwa Poem Restaurants
Collected Essays of Dr. Richard Pankhurst Ethiopian Recipes at the Global Gastronomer
Return Our Obelisk! Coffee Without Compromise
The Adowa Centenial  
Ethiopia, Land of Zion Injera Recipe
The Story of Queen Sheba More on Injera
Traditional Units of Measure in Ethiopia by Yared Berhane English Injera Recipe
Jews Of Ethiopia Falasha Origins Fidel Injera Recipe
Richard Ericsson's Haile Selassie Page - with Family Tree! SERA Injera Recipe
Ras Adams Haile Selassie Links JIS Enocded Injera Recipe
Haile Selassie Report by Abuna Demoz Mule "Junet" Encoded Injera Recipe
Haile Selassie Info Page  
Haile Selassie I:- The Might of the Trinity Music
Negus Haile Selassie I By Rasta ManAcuwork Digital Studio
- Speeches Alexander Aseffa
- Selassie I Quiz AIT Records
Ras Mekonnen Barkhanns Records (Aster Aweke)
 DelaCCHEW Ethio Music
ReligionDimbulka Entertainment
Churches Ethiopian Music and Talk Radio In RealAudio from Queen Sheba
Debre Medihanit Medihanialem Church of EOTC in Sweden Ethiopian Music In RealAudio
Geja Kale Heywet Church Literature Ministry Ethiopia's National Anthem
The Islamic Network of the Horn of Africa Ethiopian Pop Discogrography
Jews Of Ethiopia Falasha Origins K's Studio: Amharic MP3s
Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Church "Mystic Groove" by Ermias Kebede
Orthodox Church Directory Music (updated 12/06/96)
Saint Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church  
St. Pachomius Library Sports
The Never-Lost Ark Homepage for Ethiopian Athletes
Witness of the Ressurection Remembering Yidnekatchew Tessema
Amharic 101 Enkokilish -The Computer Game
The Ethnologue entry on Ethiopia contains extensive linguistic information. Ethiopian Cultural Television
Language History by Bender and Fulass Comprehensive Ethiopia Information at The Library of Congress
Amharic Language Education Everything About Qat
Amharic Language Learning Resources at CALL Other Info At UPenn
Amharic & Ge'ez at Warsaw University
FSI Amharic Basic Course  

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