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Mr Befekadu Tillahun

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Mr. Befekadu Tillahun
General Manager

P.O. Box 5432
Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
Tel: 251 1 51 97 23 / 51 65 04 / 51 96 37 / 51 01 99 /
51 04 31
Fax: 251 1 51 37 88


1. We pack, forward and ship household goods and personal effects by air, sea and surface to any destination.

2. We provide Maritime Transit Service through all ports Assab, Massawa, Djibouti, Berbera, Mombassa and Dareselam port.

3. We have well equipped carpentry shop with 800 mē wall to wall concrete warehouse and 5000 sq. mē of container terminal and bulk cargo stacking, stuffing and storing of containerized cargoes.

4. We clear and deliver inbound shipment by Air, Sea and Surface from any part of the world.
PACKTRA's Facilities


1. Free storage at our container depo or at our General Cargo stores.

2. Forklift and crane for safe handling of consignments during loading and unloading.

3. Door to door service arrangement through our Africa, Europe and USA affiliated agents all over the world.

4. We pack with originally prepared packing material to withstand all modes of transportation.

- We prepared vans to fit airlift standards.

- We ship boxed or unboxed vehicles to any part of the world.

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