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Mr. Alapaev Marat Ormonbekovich
Contact :
75, Isanova str.,
720001 Bishkek,
Kyrgyz Republic
Tel: 996 (312) 660 610
Fax: 996 (312) 660 612

Open Joint Stock "Bank-Bakai" Company was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic on November 18,1998. The Bank is functioning as a universal bank in accordance with license # 043, given by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic on December 28,1998.
One of the main purposes of the Bank is to receive maximum profit for its shareholders by granting a wide range of bank services and products of high quality. The initial reason for establishing the Bank was the desire of the founders to set a reliable and stable modern financial institute, in cooperation with which both shareholders and their partners could develop different business directions.
The Bank's shareholders are presented by individuals, as well as by several big companies of the Kyrgyz Republic that accomplish their business activity in different sectors of economy and carry out a wide range of services.
From the very beginning of its formation the Bank pays a special attention to the quality of bank operations performance and to the flexible individual approach to each client. The Bank's management is always ready to discuss with clients interesting projects and suggestions and to help them to find the optimum decision of any financial problem.


Correspondent relations network
Open Joint Stock "Bank-Bakai" Company has correspondent relations with the following banks:
·In Austria
·In Germany
·In Russia
Alfa Bank
Sberbank Rossiji
·In Kazakhstan
·In Latvia

"Bank-Bakai" constantly extends its network of correspondent relations, being guided by the most reliable banks of the partner-countries.


In any branch of "Bank-Bakai" the clients have an opportunity use all resources and the most complete support of JSC "Bank-Bakai":

Head Office of Open Joint Stock "Bank-Bakai" Company

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
ul.Isanova, 75
Phone +996 (312) 660-610
Fax +996 (312) 660-612

JSC "Bank-Bakai" branch in Kara-Balta city

Kara-Balta, Kyrgyzstan
ul. Otorbaeva, 1
Phone +996 (3133) 204-57, 202-39
Fax +996 (3133) 214-34

JSC "Bank-Bakai" branch in Osh city

Osh, Kyrgyzstan
ul. Kyrgyzstana, 32
Phone +996 (3222) 579-29
Fax +996 (3222) 579-38

Savings cash # 1

127 Sovetskaya Str., Bishkek
Phone +996 (312) 665-345

Savings cash # 2

145 Sovetskaya Str., Bishkek
Phone +996 (312) 285-750

Savings cash # 3

57 Manas A·., Bishkek
Phone +996 (312) 600-053

Presently JSC Bank-Bakai carries out policy, connected with gradual expansion of branches network.


Credit operations
JSC "Bank-Bakai" gives credits to both legal entities, and particular citizens (individuals), offering clients loans in KG soms and US dollars under a pledge.
· The range of current interest rates under given out credits, established by the Bank, is given in section "Tariffs" of this part. The interest rate is determined separately for each credit.
· JSC "Bank-Bakai" gives loans for the term of 3 and 6 months.


Currency operations

Bank-Bakai offers the following currency operations:
- Credit cards
- Traveller's cheques
- Western Union
- Documentary operations
- Tariffs

Credit cards

"Bank-Bakai" issues and services the following kinds of credit cards of international systems VISA and EuroCard/MasterCard:


Credit cards are accepted for payment of goods and services in millions of trade and service companies around the world. The credit card owner can receive cash anytime in hundreds of thousands ATM's and banks in any country of the world; hence, there is no necessity to bring with big amounts of cash. So there is an opportunity to pay for goods and services in any currency and in any country of the world!

Using credit cards you receive indisputable advantages:
·Possibility to use own line account for receiving money in any country of the world;
·Fast and convenient access to cash in any country of the world 24 hours a day;
·There is no necessity to declare money placed on a card, while departure abroad;
·Purchasing goods, you don't have to risk bringing with big amounts of cash;
·At payments abroad, money from card are automatically converted in currency of the country of stay;
·There is an opportunity to use "Common purse" function (opening additional cards to close relatives on one card account, making expenses of your family more controlled and planned);
·The cards provide effective protection against losses and thefts, because after receiving from the owner notice the Bank stops all operations on card account.
By deciding to purchase a credit card, you become the proprietor of the most popular and modern payment means in the world!

Traveller's cheques

Traveller's cheque (as well as a credit card) - is a reliable instrument of payment and reception of cash during trip abroad. But, in contrast to cards, purchasing the cheque you don't have to open the special card account and to wait for card making. Besides, historically traveller's cheques have yet wider circulation in the world, than credit cards, which were applied rather recently.

"Bank-Bakai" sells and purchases various traveller's cheques, including such, as:
o American Express
o Thomas Cook
o MasterCard
o City Corporation

Furthermore, "Bank-Bakai" is one of the first banks in Kyrgyzstan that began providing new service - sale of the American Express traveller's cheques.
At the moment our Bank is the only bank in republic, selling the American Express traveller's cheques.

The traveller's cheque - is one of the most convenient ways of storing money during trips abroad:
· In case of theft or loss of the traveller's cheques the International service of financial compensation indemnify the amount of the disappeared cheques in the shortest terms.

The only thing you have to do is to address to its local office or to call on one of the phone numbers that accept calls from any place in the world 365 days in a year round the clock;
· Traveller's cheques are accepted as payment means in shops, restaurants and hotels of many countries;
· Usually, traveller's cheques can be exchanged for cash in local currency at the nearest bank or exchange office in any country;
· Frequently exchange rate applied to the traveller's cheques is more favorable than the one to cash operations.

Western Union

"Bank-Bakai" is glad to offer its clients money transfer service on Western Union system.
Western Union services are very easy to use. It is enough to come to any service office of "Bank-Bakai" and its employees will quickly and professionally help to send or to receive a money transfer.
For transferring money, opening bank account is not needed. The recipient obtains such money transfers immediately after departure. Each transfer is protected by secure safety system of a world class, which guarantees, that money will be paid only to a specified person.
Along with traditional Western Union transfers from one person to another "Bank-Bakai" offers money transfer service from individual to a legal entity on Quick Pay system.

The basic distinguishing features of Western Union transfers (including Quick Pay) are:
· Convenience
· Quickness
· Reliability

At the present time there are more than 80'000 Western Union service offices in almost 180 countries of the world, that makes Western Union transfers the most accessible and convenient instrument for our clients.

Documentary operations

"Bank-Bakai" provides clients with all services necessary for foreign trade bargains and conducts all documentary operations:

· The export-import documentary credit
· Documentary collection orders
· Bank guarantees

The Bank employees render a thorough professional support at before-contract working stage in choosing the most beneficial forms of calculation with the purpose to protect interests of both exporters and importers in a maximum degree.

The documentary credit form of payments

Documentary credit (letter of credit) stands for money obligation of the Bank, accepted on the basis of the client- buyer's order, to make payment for seller against representing by him [seller] documents, which were stipulated by conditions of the letter of credit. Using different designs of the documentary letters of credit in payments among themselves, buyers and sellers have an opportunity to reduce risks related with a party of contract to a minimum.

Payments by collection orders

Documentary collection order implies that a seller receives through a bank the due amount against delivering by it [bank] seller's documents to a buyer. In comparison with direct bank transfer documentary collection order is much more secure, because it doesn't allow a buyer to receive in possession order and covering documents on goods, and as a consequence, a buyer won't have any opportunity to get goods, not paying for them.

Bank guarantees

Bank guarantee is an obligation of a guarantor-bank, granted on the order and at the expense of a client (PRINCIPAL), to pay to a bank guarantee recipient (BENEFICIARY) an amount of money, stipulated by the obligation under a contract between the Principal and Beneficiary, after presenting by Beneficiary the written order for payment, and, perhaps, additional documents, specified in a bank guarantee and appropriate to its conditions.

In contrast to documentary credit and documentary collection, bank guarantee is the tool of securing obligations performance, by parties of contract, not the form of payments between them.

In case you have any questions relative to choosing a sort of documentary credit or document, be sure, that addressing to "Bank-Bakai" you will always get qualified advice and assistance in your business.

Operations with securities

JSC "Bank-Bakai" provides its clients with complete and authentic information on a condition of the securities market of Kyrgyzstan, renders consulting and broker services at a high professional level, and operates, taking into consideration all of the client's requests.

Department of Securities carries out operations with all kinds of state securities of the Kyrgyz Republic:
· Operations with State Treasury bills (GKV);
· Operations with State Bonds of Restructured Loan (OGRZ);
· Operations with the notes of the National

Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (NBKR notes).
State Treasury bills - short-term state securities, issued for loan distribution and money resources mobilization. State Treasury Bills are freely traded with discount to nominal price both among individuals and legal entities. Nominal price - KGS 100.
State Bonds of Restructured Loan - bonds that are traded at a price below nominal, are repaid at face value. Nominal price - KGS 100.

NBKR notes - state short-term securities, issued by NBKR in order to regulate money supply. Notes are traded with discount, and are repaid at nominal price. Nominal price of one note - KGS 10'000.

Deposit operations

JSC "Bank-Bakai" gives its clients an opportunity to place their free money resources on the bank deposits at a certain interest rate in national or foreign currency and offers the following kinds of deposits:
· Demand deposit;
· Time deposit (from 1 month to 1 year and longer term);
· "Universal" deposit (from 3 month till 1 year and longer term).
Bank's experts will help to choose the kind of deposits, which would to the greatest degree meet the requests and opportunities of the client.
Besides the standard time and demand deposits, JSC "Bank-Bakai" already more than year offers its depositors a unique opportunity to enjoy the advantages of a new depositing method on conditions of the "universal" deposit!
The distinctive characteristic of this kind of deposit, is that you have an opportunity to replenish this deposit at your own discretion, depositing additional amount of money, not losing interest income and not being bothered by opening another time deposit.
JSC Bank-Bakai guarantees maintenance of the interest rate, both for principal, and for the additionally deposited amount, before the expiry of deposit term.
This new form of deposit has following advantages:
· You don't have to take off money and re-open deposit.
· Instead of losing, you receive interest income.
· Any time, at your desire, you can replenish your deposit over and over again.
· The Bank guarantees not only the principal, but also interests and additionally deposited amount, before the expiry of deposit term.

Safe deposit boxes

One of the services provided by "Bank-Bakai" is the storage of valuables in safe deposit boxes.
From the very beginning of its activity JSC "Bank-Bakai" offers the service of keeping values in individual bank safe boxes. Several dozens of safe deposit boxes, which store and guarantee absolute safety of values, are at the clients' disposal.

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