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The Famous Amursky Tiger

Primorsky Krai is a region that offers great potential in the tourism sector, if it is the outdoor lifestyle that you enjoy then you will feel right at home in this in this beautiful and unspoilt region. With mountains, coasts, Amursky Tigers, frozen waterfalls, forest trails and hidden wooden chalets, Primorye offer a whole host of natural attractions for the any visitor wanting to explore the region.

Primorye also offers unique travel destinations to North Asia. From Valdivostok city one can obtain easy access to bordering Asian cities, such as Harbin (China) Seoul (South Korea) and Nigata-Tokyo (Japan.) Regular flights are also available to other regional cities such as khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Yakust through the local airline Vladivostok Air.

Imperial Palace Tokyo

The region itself also has much to offer for wilderness explorers. There are many well tourist agencies in Vladivostok such as "Sputnik" that provide a variety of Taylor made packages with experienced guides. Visitors can request weekend excursions in the "Taiga" for the simply pleasures of trekking in the wilderness, staying in remote wooden chalets, Russian banya evenings, visiting local museums and towns of interest and the famous Amursky Tiger sanctuary that is run and maintained by Doctor Victor G Yudin.
The Primary Tourism Resources in Primorsky Krai that are suggested for visiting are:

Nature Reserves:
Far Eastern State Marine Reserve
Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Reserve
Lazovsky Nature Reserve
Khankaysky Nature Reserve
Khasan Border Wetlands

	  Winter walking in the Taiga

Cultural attractions:
Vladivostok City, Nakhodka City
Ancient Bohai relics (at Konstantinovskoye, Kraskinskoye, Krasnoyarovskoe)Sites of Jurcheng civilization (at Ananyevskoye, Shaiginskoye)

Spectacular Scenery

Spectacular Scenery
Special interest attractions:
Trekking through the Primorsky Territory
River rafting and canoe expeditions
Adventure caving
Sport fishing expeditions
Tiger Sanctuary, Zoologycal Centre, V. Gaivoron, Primorsky Krai,
Tel + 7 4232 74249

Off Road driving

If it is just relaxing in the city of Vladivostok that you are interested in then hotels such as Vladivostok Hotel are well adapted and receptive to the foreign traveller or business man.

Vladivostok, Center of Art and Culture.

Vladivostok can be considered as the centre of Primorsky Krai's culture and art. You can find in the city different organisations and unions of writers, artists and musicians. The largest museums, galleries, theatres are located in the city.

Concert Halls:
House of Fleet Officers (two halls)
The hall of Seamen's Culture Palace: Verhneportovaya, 38, Vladivostok, Tel: 41 43 66.

Classical music:
The Far Eastern Philharmonic Orchestra exists since 1935. Its Repertoire is Russian and of course foreign classical works like Beethoven.
Svetlanskaya, 15, Vladivostok
Tel: 26 99 40/ 26 40 22/ 26 08 21

Museum and Expo:
Far Eastern Art Gallery is one of the largest art museum in the region. More than 5000 of paintings, sculptures, coming from The Hermitage in St-Petersburg:

Aleutskaya, 12, Vladivostok
Tel: 41 11 62.

Institute of Ocean Biology's Museum is the biggest hydrobiology cal and zoological collection:

Palchevskogo, 17, Vladivostok
Tel: 32 05 43

V.K. Arsenyev Museum: history of the Far Eastern Region,....

Svetlanskaya 20,Vladivostok.
Tel: 41 40 82.

Submarine C-56: old submarine: Phone: 21 67 57.

Ocenarium: Batareinaya, 4a
Tel: 25 59 65; 25 59 43.

The Maxim Gorky Regional Drama Theatre was established in 1972. The theatre plays for both children and adults (dramas, comedies,...)

Svetlanskaya, 49 Vladivostok
Tel: 26 05 20; 22 01 36.

Chamber Drama Theatre performs plays written by Russian writer (Gorky, Tolstoy)

Svetlankaya, 15a Vladivostok.
Tel: 26 48 89.

New Wave Cinema:
Okeanski Avenue, 111 Vladivostok.
Tel: 25 52 25; 42 97 08

Ocean: Nabereznaya, 3.
Tel: 40 64 06.

At the present moment (2003) all the movies are only played in Russian.


Vladivostok boast's the only funicular withinthe Russian Far East. Located in Pushkinskaya Street, the funicular will bring you to the top of Gogol Street, situated next to the Far Eastern Technical University. Unfortunately the funicular is often closed, but if you have the chance to take a ride you will enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city!!!

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