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23 Stewart Street
PO Box 16451
Fiji Islands
Tel : (679) 330 4311
Fax : (679) 330 2422

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AdTime Limited entered Fiji's advertising arena in September, 1997 as a media placement company. Within one year the company had progressed to become a fully fledged advertising agency.
It has since expanded its expertise in the areas of event management, media monitoring, production and public relations and communications consultancy. For the latter function, a subsidiary company called, Corporate Communications Limited (Corp Com), was established in 2000 to provide specialist consultancy services to corporate clients.
AdTime is now one of the largest advertising agencies in the South Pacific.


Coordination of Marketing/Advertising Campaigns
AdTime facilitates marketing or advertising campaigns from concept development and planning to the execution of the same.
Media Placement
AdTime organises material and creates media schedules for the booking and placement of advertisements with all media.
Media Monitoring
AdTime offers monitoring services for television and print/newspaper advertisements. Monitoring is conducted client specific to manage advertising spend and competitor specific where a comparative analysis is offered.

Event Management
AdTime's event management services are offered for the planning and execution of various client events ranging from product launches and office openings to major local sporting events. For this purpose, these activities are facilitated by AdTime Events.
AdTime offers creative for and develops television advertisements, radio advertisements, newspaper and magazine advertisements, brochures, posters and other point of sale materials.
Graphic Design
Englishman, Nick Cartmell has been a graphic designer for 9 years. He has spent 5 of those years in the Fiji Islands. He works in close association with AdTime to service their many clients. The quality and delivery of Mr. Cartmell's work sees him as one of the most sought after graphic designers in the country.
The Team
Managing Director: Ms Kalara Vusoniwailala
Financial Controller & Operations Manager: Ms Thomasina Ah Ben
Advertising Manager: Ms Farahnaz Aziz
Trainee Account Executive: Ms Talei Tamani
Production Coordinator: Ms Marie Koroi
Production Assistant /Graphic Artist: Mr Amit Mishra
Media Monitor: Ms Soko Salaniqiqi
Media Planner/Buyer: Ms Ruci Tumainaivalu
Distribution Coordinator: Mr Shalendra Singh
Front Desk Coordinator: Ms Yaba Tadulala
Consultants & Project Managers
for AdTime and
Corporate Communications Ltd:
Ms Claire Thoms &
Ms Melisa Vatubua



23 Stewart Street
PO Box 16451
Fiji Islands
Tel : (679) 330 4311
Fax : (679) 330 2422

Email :

Our strength is maximising opportunities through communications.


Corporate Communications is about effective consultation on how a corporation can communicate their business in all forms, whether it be externally (Sales, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, etc.) or internally (Communications Routine, Training, Operational Procedures, etc).
· Provided communications services for over 12 years.
· We find innovative solutions.
· Delivery is on-time and on-budget - we provide comprehensive expense details.
· All executives are hands on - the person you brief completes the work.
· All staff have worked in areas such as advertising, communication, hospitality and finance.
· We carry out work throughout Fiji and are looking to expanding into the region.
· Extensive contacts in all major industries and Fiji Government.


Corporate Communications specialises in being a think-tank for an organisation and being a source of information on the most effective course of action for any communication need.
Consultation is sourced both in-house and from specialised outside sources, allowing for constructive variation on ideas and strategies that will result in the most suitable Concept and Approach for any organisation.
We bring with us extensive expertise and experience gained across a wide range of markets. Therefore, to help get your strategy right we are in a position to provide the direction and tools to enhance the strategic process. This means we can bring a wider perspective and objective approach to the whole process.
The secret is knowing the right people to contact and knowing what they want. Corporate Communications is uniquely placed to provide such a service.


Setting a Brand
· Determining the desired profile of your product or service
· Determining public perception of your product or service
· Developing Creative Concepts that feature your brand or service
Developing Effective Sales Strategies
· Developing Concepts that create and grow market awareness
· Developing all Creative Concepts related to a project or campaign
· Managing media communication and positioning
Corporate to Corporate Positioning
· Linking companies based on service needs
· Creating corporate sales opportunities by "finding" another source for a solution
· Effecting strategies for effective communication
Corporate to Government Positioning
· Creating links between Corporates and Government bodies
· Effecting strategies for effective communication between Corporates and government
Market Analysis Consultation
· Source information on your position in the market place
· Advise on strategies based on findings and research
Strategy Consultation
· For requirements that centres wholly on "improving your position in the market place"
· Consultation based on creating a public image or bettering an organisation's image
· identifying the most effective source for an organisation's donations or creating concepts that allow for the outsourcing of funds in the most beneficial way to the organisation

Implementation of Strategies for Strong Market Positioning
· Events - including event consultation and event management
· Direct Communication Techniques Training - includes telephone management, contact logs, reception treatment, in-house greeting of clients, debt collection, handling hostile reactions and rejections
· Daily Planning Methods - includes diary methods, check lists, contact logs
· Sales training - industry or organisation specific

Corporate Training
· A host of specialized training can be designed to help meet your organisations objectives.
· Training range from Telephone Management, Internal Communication Routine, Media Handling Skills, Corporate Persona Development, and other specialized customer service training.
Our Clients have included projects undertaken through AdTime Limited (our sister company)

AdTime Limited
Alliance Francaise
AUSAID - Pacific Childrens' Program
Concerned Citizens Forum
Fiji - Australia Business Council
Fiji Indigenous Business Council
Fiji Red Cross
Fiji Rugby Union
Fiji Swim Team
Hibiscus Festival Committee
Native Land Trust Board (NLTB)
Oceania Beach Volleyball Association
Suva Christian Community School

Under AdTime Limited:
Air Fiji
British American Tobacco
British Petroleum (BP Oil)
Carpenters Motors
Celtrock Holdings Limited
Comfort Home Furnishings
Credit Corporation
Dick Smith Electronic
Fiji National Training Council
Fiji Visitors Bureau
Global Transfers Limited (Western Union)
Home Finance
Housing Authority
Kelton Investments
Mobil Oil
Nestle (Regional)
P&O Nedloyd
Shanti Lal Brothers
Suva Private Hospital (Minjesk Investment Corporation & Mayne Health)
Voko Industries
Williams & Gosling

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