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Nausori Airport
PO Box 1259
Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel : + 679 347 8155
Fax : + 679 340 0479
Email :

Air Fiji is a Private Company engaged in providing Domestic and Regional services. Our hub is Nausori Airport however Air Fiji provides connections to all inbound and outbound flights at Nadi International Airport and caters for domestic and international charters from both international airports.
The majority shareholder is a Fiji registered company - Aviation Investment Limited which has two shareholders - China Aero Technology International Corporation and the Government of Tuvalu. The Government of Fiji also has shareholding in Air Fiji.
The Air Fiji Board is headed by Chairman, Allan Bentley of New Zealand, together with representatives of CATIC, Government of Tuvalu, Government of Fiji. The Chief Executive is Ken MacDonald, who has vast experience in the Tourism and Transport sector in Fiji. The Finance Manager is Australian David Pitt and Operations and Technical Services and Commercial Operations are headed by locals, Francis Christoffersen and Shaenaz Voss, respectively.

Air Fiji is Fiji's longest serving domestic carrier, having started operations in 1967. In 1997 the airline expanded significantly by doubling its fleet. In doing so Air Fiji is now Fiji's largest and premier domestic carrier operating a fleet of eleven aircraft with a total of one hundred and fifty-four available seats. In terms of fleet age, the airline has the youngest domestic fleet serving 15 exotic island destinations with an average of 65 flights daily. Air Fiji's network of services in the Fiji Islands is comprehensive, carrying an average of 140,000 passengers annually.

Air Fiji serves the needs of thousands of visitors to our shores every year - evident by the large number of International Wholesalers who use Air Fiji as their preferred domestic carrier.
Operated by a dedicated team of highly qualified pilots and engineers, the airline boasts a full complement of 200 staff. Our engineering team is highly respected in the South Pacific region, and as such, services other local and regional operators.
Air Fiji offers three International Travel Centres located at Suva, Nadi and Labasa. These Centres offer a full range of travel needs and professional travel consultancy services. Clients include the United Nations and The University of the South Pacific. To first time visitors, a meet and greet service is offered at Nadi International Airport provided the request is received prior to arrival.


On the 27th September 1999 Air Fiji's new Regional Service "Pacific Link" was inaugurated with our first EMB Brasilia service between Fiji and Tuvalu. Again on the 16th November 1999, Pacific Link "stretched its wings" and launched a new thrice weekly service between Nausori (Suva) and Tonga (Nukualofa).
These were indeed large steps forwarded for Air Fiji, which for thirty two years had primarily provided domestic services within the Fiji Islands, with the occasional regional charter.
Utilising a modern Jet Turboprop, the thirty seater Embraer Brasilia 120ER Advanced, Pacific Link soon gained popularity on its regional services as well as domestically, due to the convenient timetable and services departing from Suva.

Pacific Link provided a vital international link for the Island Nation of Tuvalu which is serviced with an average of three services a week. In fact, Pacific Link is the only airline providing the critical service between Fiji and Tuvalu.
The EMB Brasilia 120ER is available for regional charters and has provided these services to many of the South and Mid Pacific Islands.

· 1 x 30 seater Embraer Brasilia (EM2)
· 3 x 15 seater Embraer Bandeirantes (EMB)
· 1 x 19 seater DHC Twin Otters (DHT)
· 2 x 8 seater Britten Norman Islanders (BNI)
· 1 x 14 seater Tri-Islander


We offer competitive charter rates to any domestic destination as well as regional destinations. Please contact Arthur Whippy for your charter needs.

As Air Fiji is a Private Company, its Articles of Association dictate that any share for sales must first be offered to existing shareholders, however Directors do have the authority to sell these shares to outside corporation and individuals. Currently there are 3 million unsubscribed shares which have previously not been offered to anyone outside of the company.
Even though Air Fiji's primary business is that of Domestic services and two Regional routes, the Pacific Link Brand is being promoted for further business opportunities. Future projects include the feasibility study on additional Regional Routes and movement of cargo within the Pacific Island regions.
Air Fiji is the only organisation in the South Pacific Region with approved Maintenance facilities and expertise for Turbo prop aircraft and also is the only certified company using the on-condition maintenance programme.

Air Fiji provides a host of services which include ground handling at Nausori (Suva) Airport. Special handling for VIP executive jets, Medivac flights or Government charters. Air Fiji has its own catering facility. We are able to provide ground handling for all charter aircrafts. Air Fiji has ample parking facilities for small aircraft and VIP executive jets and is able to provide Meet & Greet facilities.
Charters can be provided to other South Pacific Regional islands at very competitive rates utilising the EMB110 and EMB120 aircraft. We have over the years provided charters for carriage of produce and other freight services. Scenic Charters are also available around the Fiji Island Group.
With General Sales Offices in the main market sources of Australia, New Zealand and USA, Air Fiji is committed to Tourism Development in the South Pacific Islands Region.

Air Fiji recently celebrated 35 years of service to the Fiji Islands, and more recently to our neighbours, Tuvalu and Tonga, serviced by our comfortable and sleek thirty seater aircraft the Embraer Brasilia, and the service is aptly called the Pacific link.
Both our domestic and regional air services provide a vital link to the locals of our exotic islands and the visitors to our shores who visit to explore the vast array of exciting options the islands have to offer.
Air Fiji is proud to have provided this essential air services to the republic of Fiji for more than 35 years.


Cicia to Suva
Nadi to Labasa
Suva to Levuka
Suva to Taveuni
Gau to Suva
Nadi to Savusavu
Suva to Moala
Taveuni to Suva
Kadavu to Suva
Nadi to Suva
Suva to Tonga
Taveuni to Nadi
Koro to Suva
Nadi to Taveuni
Suva to Tuvalu
Tonga to Suva
Labasa to Nadi
Savusavu to Nadi
Suva to Vanuabalavu
Tuvalu to Suva
Labasa to Suva
Savusavu to Suva
Suva to Kadavu
Vanuabalavu to Suva
Lakeba to Suva
Suva to Cicia
Suva to Labasa
Levuka to Suva
Suva to Gau
Suva to Nadi
Mana to Nadi
Suva to Koro
Suva to Rotuma
Moala to Suva
Suva to Lakeba
Suva to Savusavu



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