Gambia: Company Profile of DT ASSOCIATES


Sector: Investment

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DT Associates – The Gambia is an Independent Correspondence Firm of Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu and provides Professional Services in the areas of Audit, Tax and Advisory services

The firm was called Deloitte and was part of the Deloitte West and Central Africa cluster. It was co-founded on May 28, 1998 by Messrs Peter Smith and Alpha A. Barry. Mr. Peter Smith, a British national was the first Managing Partner of the firm and when he retired from Deloitte in 2002, Alpha A. Barry, assumed the role. In April 2011, the firm changed its name to DT Associates and became an ICF of Deloitte. Alpha then became a partner at Akintola Williams Deloitte in Nigeria and the then Junior Partner Cherno Alieu Jallow became the Managing partner until his demise on July 30th, 2014.

The current Managing Partner is Omar Bah.

The firm has a staff strength of Forty-five professionals.

Its achievements are numerous and vary as all its three functions: Audit, Tax and Advisory has in one-way or the other improved the operations/reporting, etc. For example, the professional services delivery has accorded the firm the trust to audit prominent Banks in the Gambia, including the Central Bank of the Gambia; it has also assisted the financial services business to adopt the IFRS.

DT Associates has developed Business plans and conducted feasibility studies for both new and existing businesses; their team has acted as advisors for investors into the Gambia, and have assisted many businesses and individuals with their tax compliance and Advisory.

In a nutshell, every engagement is meant to impact visibly in the operations of the clients, thus every business contract is a major achievement for the firm because it will deliver quality services.

The firm has recently developed a new accounting system for businesses and projects and is marketing it locally. It intends to market the system into the sub-region as well. Thus, software development (accounting, payroll, Human Resources, Asset Register) is one of the major current projects for the firm.

Additionally, as it is mandatory for the Financial sector especially the Banks to report on IFRS, the firm is assisting in this area as well.

Although not a major Project, training on MS office applications on request from clients is also conducted.

The Gambian market is small as per the size of the country, etc. Thus, in the very near future, the firm would wish to penetrate the regional markets for especially the software systems and Audit services.

By nature of the formation of the Firm, it has already been part of a larger body (Deloitte), thus, even with the current status as an Independent Correspondence Firm, the operations are based on the Deloitte standard of excellence and best practices.