Sector: Communications

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From the conception of the staging of every component of an event, EPM takes the weight of the client’s shoulders:

  • Production of promotional materials
  • Media liaison
  • Theme development
  • Venue booking
  • Entertainment booking
  • Catering arrangements
  • Ushering/ staffing
  • Participant/ guest registration and packages
  • Sponsorship, negotiation and implementation
  • Souvenir merchandising
  • Master of the ceremony (MC) and presentation c-ordination
  • Games and activity management
  • Post event evolution
  • Protocol services
  • Report writing
  • Photographing, video and many more
  • Conferences/ workshop/ seminar management
  • Meeting bookers
  • Labour contracting
  • Events equipment rentals


EPM is here to help its clients achieve their objective through development and executions of a professional customised management for all kind of special needs. The company combines creative and visionary talents with professional, hands on approach to ensure maximum clients satisfaction. EPM is able to recruit, train and manage large team to execute an event/program towards a common vision. In doing so, the company meets or exceeds the clients’ objectives in the following events.


Marketing and Promotional Programs:

  • Award Ceremonies
  • Road shows
  • Co-operate/product launches
  • Co-operate outings


Corporate Services:

  • Conference management
  • Corporate representation
  • Procurement agents
  • Administrative and secretarial services
  • National and international workshop
  • Airport transfers and accommodations
  • Customised corporate needs


Social Programs:

  • Weddings
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Birthdays celebrations
  • Kids entertainments
  • Family/ class reunion
  • Gala dinners


Events Planning and Management was established in July 1st 2008 from a concept of one individual the CEO Mrs Sirra Wally Ndow Njai whose persistence, knowledge, experience, and expertise stirred the company from a basic Event company to a full-fledged specialized one stop event management company.  It is the first Event Planning Company in The Gambia, and since it has been on top event planner in the Country. It has been in the leading role of events in the country both national and international.


EPM does not only stop within the country it goes beyond boundaries of the sub region. Events hosted by EPM have always been memorable.


Past achievements:

  • The Presidential Inauguration
  • ACE Cable Network Launching
  • University of the Gambia Graduations Ceremonies.
  • Hosting of Gala Dinner for International artist.
  • State opening of The Gambia National Assembly
  • Roots Home Coming Festival 2014
  • 1st  Kids Christmas Party (Annual event)
  • Corporate Executive Seminar
  • Branding of Gambia Investment Promotion Agency
  • Pre launching and launching of the Biometric Passports.


Current projects:

  • 20th Anniversary of the July 22
  • Annual Kids Christmas party
  • Easter Leisure ( Kids)
  • Corporate Executive Seminar
  • Christmas Hampers & Decorations
  • Catering Services


Future of the company:

  • To go International within the sub region
  • To expand within The Gambia and beyond.
  • To plan and organize Seminars/ Conferences for foreign Companies and Organizations.
  • To expand and promote Conferences tourism in The Gambia.
  • To work hand in hand with other International Event Planners.
  • To be the conference/bookers in the country
  • To work with international event companies


EPM is gradually expanding with a view to top the international market, Public, private Partnership arrangements. With the experience coupled with dedication the company is certain that would easily fit into a large world picture.