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About Slovakia in general  
A site that provides a pretty compact info about Slovakia, incl. straightforward answers to frequently asked questions regarding this country.
Slovak FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Slovakia  
A beautiful website about Slovak regions.
Information about Slovak companies, investment opportunities, info broker services, translations, consulting.
Central Europe Online Hourly updated news and information about Central Europe
Slovakia Online
High Tatras
Site devoted to Slovak folk art products. Something may catch your attention or you can sign up for a glass-painting course.
Slovakia as seen by foreigners.
Infonation United Nations. Compare the figures of Slovakia to other countries!  

The site will help you find almost any city, town or village on the Slovak territory.
Same as above but including city plans as well.
Picture Galleries of Slovakia:
Slovak Government - (en)
Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications - (en)
The Ministry of Defence - (en)
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Health - (en)
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - (en)
Ministry of Construction
Ministry of Culture - (en)
Ministry of Education - (en)
Ministry of Economy - (en)
Ministry of Interior - (en)
Other State Institutions  
Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic
National Council of the Slovak Republic - (en)
National Bank of Slovakia
Embassy of France in Slovakia
Embassy of India in Slovakia
Embassy of USA in Slovakia
British Embassy in Slovakia
Bulgarian Embassy in Slovakia
Dutch Embassy in Slovakia
German Embassy in Slovakia
Greek Embassy in Slovakia
Indonesian Embassy in Slovakia
Italian Embassy in Slovakia
Embassy of Slovakia in Canada
Slovak Embassy in India
Slovak Embassy in Israel
Slovak Embassy in Japan
Slovak Embassy in the United States of America
Daily Newspapers in Slovakia  
The Slovak Spectator
Hospodarske Noviny
Novy Cas
Radios in Slovakia  
Slovak Radio
Radio Free Europe
Televisions in Slovakia  
Slovak TV Bratislava
TV Markiza
Press agencies  
TASR - News Agency of the Slovak Republic
SITA - Slovak News Agency
Economist Conferences  
Economist conference organized in Bratislava on 19/10/01.

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