Comes of Age


H.E. Rudolf Schuster
Interview with

H.E. Rudolf Schuster
President of the Slovak Republic
Mrs. Mária Kadlecíková Interview with

Mrs. Mária Kadlecíková
Deputy Prime Minister for EU integration
H.E. Eduard Kukan Interview with

H.E. Eduard Kukan
Minister of Foreign Affairs
H.E. Mr. Ištván Harna Interview with

H.E. Mr. Ištván Harna
Minister of Construction and Regional Development
Mr. Marián Jusko Interview with

Mr. Marián Jusko
Governor of the National Bank
Mr. Jake Slegers Interview with

Mr. Jake Slegers
Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic
Mr. František Slávik Interview with

Mr. František Slávik
President of ZSPS
Mr. Michele Lodi-Fé Interview with

Mr. Michele Lodi-Fé
Managing Partner of KPMG
Ing. Vincent Pillar Interview with

Ing. Vincent Pillar
General Manager
Mr. Ladislav Mikuš Interview with

Mr. Ladislav Mikuš
CEO of Slovenske Telekomunikacie (ST), a.s.
Mr. Jozef Uhrík
Interview with

Mr. Jozef Uhrík
Member of the Board,
Spokesman of Volkswagen Slovakia
H.E. Mikulas Dzurinda Interview with

H.E. Mikulas Dzurinda,
Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic
October 2001
H.E. Lubomír Harach Interview with

H.E. Lubomír Harach
Minister of Economy
H.E. Jozef Macejko Interview with

H.E. Jozef Macejko
Minister of Transport and Telecommunication of the Slovak Republic
H.E. Jozef Magvasi Interview with

H.E. Jozef Magvasi
Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family
Ing. Anna Bubenikova Interview with

Ing. Anna Bubenikova
Head of NPF rights enforcement and
Head of the Supervisory Board of VSZ Kosice
Mr. Peter Mihok Interview with

Mr. Peter Mihok
President of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr. Vladimir Meciar Interview with

Mr. Vladimir Meciar
Chairman of HZDS
Mr. Emil Binda Interview with

Mr. Emil Binda
General Manager
Mrs. Regina Ovesny-Straka Interview with

Mrs. Regina Ovesny-Straka
Chairman & CEO
Mr. John H. Goodish Interview with

Mr. John H. Goodish,
President of U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o.
November 30th, 2001
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