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In may 2nd 198, thanks to its passion to the sport and the love for Ecuador, Rodrigo Ribadeinera has founded the Marathon Sport Group.

Since this date Marathon has been a dynamic and customers orientated company that has brought in Ecuador quality sportswear similar to those that could be bought abroad. Specialised in Football sportswear, due to the fact that the Country is Football orientated, this segment has became a main product in Marathon Sport production and distribution, nowadays represent the 60% of the total production in the country.

Is quality and diversification in product has made Marathon the leader in the sportswear's supplying in Ecuador, with the 60 % of the market, and the brand name is the local equivalent of mark such as Adidas and Nike. Other products also have been developed in the last years such as Gym Zone, Waterzone, Bikesports, and Outdoors.


The love for the football and the rest of the sports in general, has made possible that Marathon worked patiently and focused, on the whole production of football sportswear.


All Marathon Sports' s stores have a wide choice of football shirts from all over the world, and representing the most famous world clubs and national teams. This passion and love for football that has been transmitted from generation to another, and has brought Marathon to be the national supplier of the soccer team. At the last World Cup in Korea/Japan Marathon has been the official supplier of the Ecuadorian national team, in the all range of products Marathon Sports.

Similar opportunities could be introduced in other countries of the region and the Central America.

The range of product for football teams is characterized by original design, and the quality of the tissue.


Marathon is today present in Ecuador with 60 % of the national market. Its quality has been recognized also in Peru, where export part of its production, and in other markets within the region such as Colombia y Bolivia, where new business are about to be exploited. In 2003 Marathon has opened six new branches in Ecuador extending its sales point in the country. With the opening of these stores in the Commercial Center "San Marino in Guayaguil (1000 m2), Riocentro Sur (500 m2), babahoyo (163 m2), Milagro (72 m2), Chone (50 m2) and Term Terr (400 m2), today the sales stores are 61 in Ecuador as shown the graph, here below

Piercing the Peruvian market

In 2003 Marathon has undertaken opening store process in Peru where 3 new openings have been celebrated this year. The stores in Mega Plaza Commercial Centre (315 m2), the one in Jockey Plaza (430 m2) and the one in Primavera Commercial Centre that have made eight the sales stores in Peru, as shown the graph below The total work force for the year 2003 at Marathon Sports is therefore 69 stores between Peru and Ecuador, as shown in the graph above.

The growth from the new millennium has been considerable in the year 2002 the growth in term of sports stores has been of 16 new stores that made a growing of 43% compare to the previous years. In the 2002 the growth has been a 13% compared to the 2002 and that is a result of 7 more stores between Ecuador and Peru. For this coming year the growth so far has been and it is estimate to be around 7-8% of annual growth thanks to its new openings in Ecuador and Peru in the city of Lima.

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