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February 4th, 2002

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Department of National Lottery.

Col. M. Gbicpi

P.O. Box 506, Accra
Tel : (233 - 21) - 666157 / (Direct) 6668805 / 6668806 / 664955
Fax 233-21 668809



The Department of National Lotteries was established under the Lotteries Act (1958). This was subsequently incorporated into the Lotteries and Betting Act (1960).

By the promulgation of this Act the Department was empowered to conduct Lotteries from time to time and Ghanaians were thus afforded the opportunity of indulging in such games of chance as were authorized under the Act. Through this painless form of taxation, Ghanaians have had the chance not only to test their luck, but also to contribute in no small measure towards the development of their country.

From its humble beginnings, this financial-cum-commercial institution has short to the forefront in terms of profitability. Despite many constraints, such as poor accommodation and operations being tied to governmental apron strings, the Department is one of the best-organized lottery institutions in the world and is definitely the foremost on the African continent. From time to time sister countries have come to tap Ghana's experience and expertise in the field of running games of chance, especially with regard to Weekly lotto. the Department is a member of the world body on lotteries, known as the International Association of State Lotteries (AILE) as well as of the African Association of State Lotteries (AALE).

On many occasions, Ghana has been elected to serve on the executive of both institutions.

Types of Lottery conducted so far

The Department has since its establishment conducted the following types of lotteries in the country:

A Seasonal Lottery, held at intervals of 2 to 3 months; Car Raffles, which have actually become a regular feature of the Lottery; the National Weekly Lotto, with periodic Bonus Draws for both the manual and mechanized tickets and coupons respectively. Greater Accra, Central and Eastern Region are the mechanized areas. The rest of the regions operate the manual ticket. The Lucky Scratch as well as the 6-7 Weekly Lottery is now in operation.

The lucky Scratch is an instant money game played by scratching the surface of a card. Payment of wins is instant. The 6-7 Weekly Lotto was introduced to boost sales. The serial numbers behind the coupons and tickets are used in the game. This gives a double opportunity to win.
Contributions to the National Coffers

Within the three decades of the introduction of the National Weekly Lotto in Ghana the Department has contributed a substantial sum from the proceeds of the operations of the Weekly Lotto into the country's Consolidated Fund.

The Department is an autonomous body by any standards, meeting all its financial obligations, including overheads, from its own resources. Thus the Department, with the provision of expertise from Banking Institutions, could conveniently establish its own Bank, as obtains in other countries.

In addition to many other positive contributions to the country the Department has provided job openings to many Ghanaians, including the handicapped and has helped in several ways to resettle many displaced persons.

The Department in the 4th Republic

By the year 2000 the Department intends to transform its image completely, by introducing new competitions based on purely African games.

Profits from the Lottery will also be diversified, being directed towards research, agriculture, education, sports, the provision of water resources countrywide and the improvement of the environment.


The past few years saw the proliferation of lotteries in the country. The springing up of these lotteries affected the operations of the Department in terms of revenue generation. In view of the fact that the private lotteries paid immediately after the Draw, the Department had to find out a way of improving on its payment system to break the advantage they had over us. In 1993, therefore, the Department embarked upon a new policy of decentralization in the non-mechanized areas. The new system ensures immediate payment of wins on Mondays and Tuesdays after Draw on Saturdays. This is an advantage over the two weeks that it formerly took to pay World Investment News Ltdr.

The exercise took off in May, 1993, in the Northern Region of the country. After the success story here the Department moved to the Western Region in March, 1994, then to the Volta Region in September the same year. In May and September, 1995, the Department successfully decentralized in the Brong-Ahafo and Ashanti Regions respectively.

It is due to the Fast Payment System coupled with other factors that has kept the Department ahead of its competitors.

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