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Okan Holdings Inc.Investing in vital sectors of the economy. At the beginning of the new millennium, Okan Holding Inc. has established itself as a leader of international trade, industry and tourism in Kazakhstan. The company has invested in the important sectors of Kazakhstan's economy, including banking, food production, construction, hotel management and marketing.
Established in 1983 in Turkey, Okan Holding Inc. is among the most prominent of Turkey's institutions, leading that country's economy with its 24 companies and some 4,000 personnel. The group's areas of operation include the food sector, (flour, semolina and pasta); the textiles sector (yarn and crude cloth); many prominent projects and investments in the construction and tourism areas; investment banking in the finance field and energy, and international marketing.

The construction division founded in 1977, OKANISOT Inc., is the oldest affiliate of the group, and has successfully concluded projects at home and abroad in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan as well as Kazakhstan. The company has helped the development of Kazakhstan's capital Astana by building the 5-star Okan Inter-Continental Astana Hotel, President Nursultan Nazarbaev's winter residence, the National Cultural Center and Museum, and the Twin towers. The building of the Okan Inter-Continental Astana Hotel was encouraged by President Nursultan Nazarbaev, and is managed by Okan Holding affiliates. OKANISOT Inc. is constructing the administrational buildings of the new "diplomatic city" in Astana and has built state-of-the-art pasta plants in Petropavlovsk, Northern Kazakhstan, to produce pasta, biscuits, wafers and chewing gum.

Other interests of the group include:

- Sultan Marketing with 15 branches throughout Kazakhstan, promoting the popular Sultan Macaroni and Sultan Biscuits.
- The International Bank of Almaty (IBA), the first bank to be instituted by the Okan Group, is based in Almaty and has branches in Astana and Petropavlosk.
- Future goal of our company is to serve projects in the oil and gas sector in the Caspian region.

Okan believes in Kazakhstan's bright future. It appreciates what President Nazarbaev has done for foreign investors, the benefits provided by the government and the achievements towards a market economy during the 10 short years of independence.

President of Okan Holdings, Bekir Okan said: "I am sure that our successful trade and economic relations with Kazakhstan will continue to develop well into the future." Okan Holding is proud to be described as "one big family." The accumulative knowledge, discipline and dedication of its employees has helped the group compete successfully against the best companies in the world.


General Manager: Mr. Riza Elibol
Director of Sales & Marketing: TBA
Director of F&B Mr.: Kader Porott
Director of Finance: Mr. Mehmet Gazel
Front Office Manager: Mr. Zeki Ozal

Located in the heart of the city, the ultra-modern, high-rise InterContinental Astana offers luxury accommodation to both the business and leisure traveller. A wide choice of restaurants offers international and Mediterranean cuisine while snacks and drinks are available in the comfortable lounges and bars. An endless array of leisure facilities includes a well-equipped health club, an indoor heated pool, a Turkish bath, solarium and tennis and volleyball facilities.


Contact: 1.Trud St. Petropavlovsk Kazakhstan
Tel: 007 (3152) 34 28 94 / 34 25 98
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Established in 1998 with Head Office in Almaty, the plant of our Sultan Biscuits Co. is located in the city of Petropavlovsk in Northern Kazakhstan where our Sultan Macaroni Plant is also situated.

Having the closed area of 7000 square meters, the facilities have been installed at a 40.000 square meters plot where 250 personnel are being employed. Sultan Biscuits Plant which started operation in the year of 1999, is producing monthly 180 tons of chewing gum, 200 tons of chocolate-coated wafers, and 750 tons various kinds of biscuits. Through production lines formed by the leading brands of the world, these high quality products being manufactured with the latest technology have become demanded not only in Kazakhstan but also in other Turki Republics and Russian markets.


Contact: 1.Trud St. Pertopavlovsk Kazakistan
Tel: 007 (3152) 34 28 94 / 34 25 98
Fax: 007 (3152) 34 45 97

Having been built by our construction company ISOT Inc. on a 100.000 square metre plot in Northern Kazakhstan which is the country's abundant wheat crop and the most congested inhabitation area, The Sultan Macaroni Flour-Semolina and Pasta Integrated Facilities were put into operation in March, 1996. Sultan Macaroni Plant owning wheat silos with the capacity of 100,000 tons is the most modern complex of its kind in Central Asia.

Equipped with the best pasta production Swiss Bühler technology and machinery, Sultan Macaroni Plant is being operated automatically under fully computerized control.

This Complex owning the production capacity of 3500 tons/month semolina, 3400 tons/month macaroni was formed as a Kazakh-Turkish Joint Venture with a paid-in capital of $ 22 million. Sultan Macaroni Inc. which greatly adds to the Kazakhstan economy is a publicly-listed company and open to public.

Today, "Sultan Macaroni" is a famous brand in Kazakhstan and is sought after insistently by the consumers. Interest in this brand is also rising in countries where Sultan has been exported to, such as Russia stands on top, Kirghizistan, China, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan.


Contact : Republic Kazakistan C.Almaty, Kazakistan 64.Jibek Joly Str.
Tel: 007 (3272) 33 14 12 / 33 85 76
Fax: 007 (3272) 33 13 36

This Company located in the ancient city of Almaty, the previous capital which is still Kazakhstan's economy and trade centre was established for the purpose of marketing and distribution of the Sultan Macaroni products especially such as pasta, biscuits, wafer and chewing gum produced in our Petropavlosky facilities. Having completed its structuring in a short while, Sultan Marketing has become highly active as a marketing firm throughout Kazakhstan.

Sultan Marketing has been continuing activities within Kazakhstan through branches in Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Petropavlovsk, Kustanay, Karaganda, Pavlador, Chimkent, Ustkemenegorsk, Aturav; and out of Kazakhtan, through Region Management at Bishkek which is the capital of Kirghizistan, and has realized marketing of many domestic as well as import goods, by means of available depots and distribution net owned by the company.


Contact: Republic of Kazakistan C.Almaty, Kazakistan 64 Jibek Joly Str.
Tel: 007 (3272) 33 15 83 / 33 10 45
Fax: 007 (3272) 33 10 49

International Bank Alma-Ata (IBA) is the first bank founded in Kazakhstan by Turkish Private Sector. This Bank by having obtained the necessary licence authorising for all banking transactions in the year of 1995, has continued its development and joined to the First Class Banks of Kazakhstan in 1997. IBA, starting activities first in Alma-Ata, has become a bank of 3 branches after having opened the branches in Akmola and Petropavlosky in 1997, IBA, which established correspondence relationships with many banks outside of Kazakhstan being Turkey on top, has been realising foreign trading formalities of Turkish and Kazakh companies in the fastest way. In order to make contribution to the economy of Kazakhstan, such a country that is showing a stable development, IBA is showing due diligence for evaluating of public's savings and funding credits to small and medium sized enterprises especially. The activities of affiliated companies of Okan Holding in Kazakhstan have been resulting the Bank's business volume to be increased a lot whereas the Bank is meeting all banking requirements of subject companies, at full. IBA authorised to handle all kinds of banking formalities including leasing, and factoring, has started, now, financing investments of particularly Turkish ventures in Kazakhstan, by way of leasing. Having in mind to open new branches in 1998, and to further increase deposits, credits, banking transactions in big proportion compared to last year, IBA is, also, aiming to secure resources from abroad for the investors in Kazakhstan.


Contact: Okan Plaza, Ankara Asfalti No : 7 81020, Acibadem - Istanbul - TÜRKIYE
Tel: +90 (216) 325 20 21 (20 lines)
Fax: +90 (216) 339 62 06

ISOT Inc. (ISOT Construction Industrial Organisation and Trading Inc.) was established in Gaziantep, in 1977, as to give services in constructional sector. At the same time, it is the oldest company of Okan Group. During the years of establishment priory, by having won various infrastructure tenders and completed same with great success, ISOT Inc. had thereafter was opened to abroad, as one of the prominent constructors in Turkey in addition to domestic projects and realised, too, many important projects in foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Depending upon its rooted past, apart from the ordinary construction works such as housing, ISOT Inc. has been greatly experienced in respect with infrastructure, distribution networks, special industrial plants (especially yarn, weaving, flour, semolina, macaroni) and touristy complex constructions during which the design, construction, machinery/technology selection, erection, training and technical assistance are being performed by or under the guidance of ISOT.

A big portion of the undertaken projects realised on above subjects which, in fact, necessitate expertency in its real meaning have been resulted on basis of "Turn-key Delivery" as from the first design until the last nail and all of them are great facilities giving completely perfect services.One of the realised projects by ISOT Inc. is the Marco Polo Holiday Resort Village located on 87.000 square meters area having capacity of 1085 beds. Okan Tourism Investments and Management Inc., an affiliate company of Okan Holding, is concerned with the management of our Marco Polo Holiday Resort Village, which is one the model touristic facilities of Turkish tourism, has been situated in Antalya-Kemer, Çamyuva. An insisting management, completing the work on time or before its time with the expected quality are the main principles adopted by ISOT. Its faithfulness to its liabilities and healthy working principles made it one of the most well known institutions in Turkey as well as in Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, where the construction of the integrated macaroni facilities in both countries in a very short period revealed the full extent of its expertise in the field of industrial investments. Apart from these projects, ISOT has signed contracts with Kazakhstan which played an important role in this country's progress, regarding food, textile, tourism industries and natural gas pipelines, refinery facilities and infrastructure activities. Recently, the construction of a 5-Stars Hotel in Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan and the Presidency Winter Residence together with the Twin Towers at the first Stage of Mess Housing Project thereupon consisting totally 1200 houses and natural gas pipe line have proved ISOT in international arena. Strengthening its financial structure, ISOT has installed its own parks domestic and abroad with the latest and modern technology production machinery and equipment for enabling the construction works to be expedited more than ever, on basis of the lowest possible costs. In summary, on a wide range of constructional area as from housing projects up to all kinds of infrastructure constructions, from "turn-key" delivery industrial investments to hotel, resort village projects and other undertaken construction jobs, ISOT has always aimed to offer the "very best" to the private and governmental sectors in and out of the country.

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