Sector: Tourism

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Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort and RedCroc Hotel & Resort are two top five-star luxury hotels, located in the most prestigious part of The Gambia, in the very heart of Cape Point-Bakau. Not only Gambia’s finest Beach District, Cape Point is also the place of birth for the tourism industry in this country. Both hotels offer a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and magnificent River Gambia with swaying palms and panoramic sunsets.

Red Croc Hotel & Resort, previously known to the public as Sunbeach Hotel, before being rebranded by BPI Tourism& Services, is the oldest and most prestigious hotel in The Gambia, delivering excellence in service since 1971. On the other side, Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort, also considered a pillar for the Gambian Tourism industry, has a history dating back to 1996.

The two hotels were taken over by BPI Tourism & Services, a subsidiary of a Dubai based investment group, which operates a diversity of industries in West Africa. The group brings its hospitality know how to the Gambia, in order for the two hotels to be able to continue making history in the tourism industry.

In 2005 and 2006, the ocean bay consecutively won the Thomas Cook mark of excellence award.

The hotel is a member of the great hotels of the world.

The hotel hosted head of states, dignitaries of foreign governments and international organizations workshops/seminars. 

The success of the African Union Summit (AU) was hosted in The Gambia in 2006 during which time Ocean Bay hosted Kofi Annan and other international dignitaries.

Incentive such as diamond, silver and gold best employee of the month is a strong tool, which has been implemented to motivate staff with money, recognition certificate and cake to reward best employees.

Key features of BPI TS, owned by Dubai based private group:

  • Track record in hospitality industry with managing numerous hotels in Europe.
  • Professional management with wide international experience.

Current Projects:

  • BPI Tourism & Services started its Gambian adventure with taking over the two hotels OBHR and RCHR in December 2013 and is currently doing major refurbishments. The target due dates for the completion of the two projects are:

    OBHR – 1st of December 2014

    RCHR – mid Spring 2015

    The total budget spent cannot yet be estimated, as a lot of unplanned investments were needed once the works were started.

  • BPI TS currently employs 310 Gambians and this number will most probably go up to 500, once the refurbishments have been completed and the two hotels will be fully operational.

BPI TS is looking to become the biggest operator in the Gambian tourism sector with increasing the capacity of the two hotels at over 500 rooms. At the same time BPI TS is analyzing the market opportunities in order to decide upon a totally new hotel development project, which is to take place in the following years.

The company is keen on reinvesting a significant part of its profits in order to raise the quality and standards of the entire Gambian tourism sector. The target for the years to come is to create from the Gambia a more luxurious destination and to attract tourists who are willing to pay more in exchange of quality of service and accommodation. All this is meant to raise the standards of living of the Gambian people who will be the prime beneficiaries of this switch in the tourism behavior.