Algeria: Company Profile Of E N A F O R


Enafor HeadQuarters

L'Entreprise Nationale de Forage ENAFOR (Algerian National Drilling Company) was created on the 1st of August 1981 as a result of the restructuring of Sonatrach, the Algerian National Oil Company. It was set up in early 1982 and has since taken over part of Sonatrach's drilling duties together with relevant manpower, equipment and materials previously belonging to Alfor (formerly a Sonatrach subsidiary).

Since March 1998 the share participation of Sonatrach increased and represents 51 % of the stock capital of the company.

ENAFOR has an important background of know how and experience in drilling and work-over which have been accumulated for over 30 years, thus enabling the company to perform drilling operations for Sonatrach as well as for foreign companies such as Anadarlo, Mobil, Araco…



As part of the national development program ENAFOR is responsible for drilling operations in the prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon resources and water table, as well as working over oil and gas well maintenance.

The company operated throughout the national territory and undertakes operations abroad in any country where its experience might be required.


ENAFOR field equipment includes 27 heavy and medium duty drilling land rings:

· 4 Oil well 2000E
· 13 Oil well 840E
· 1 Oil well 660E
· 2 National 1320 UE
· 1 Cardwell K 1000E
· 1 Gardner Denver 3000
· 1 Gardner Denver 2100E
· 4 Ideco 900

This range of equipment enables the company to perform appropriate operations in meeting required specification's when drilling to different depth.

The Company Possesses

Operational infrastructure including workshops and substantial accommodation and catering facilities.

A fleet of heavy vehicles especially adapted to the rough desert conditions.


At the end of 1999 ENAFOR had achieved the following performance:

- Development 650 wells
- Exploration 302 wells
- Hydraulic 120 wells
- Work over operations 972 wells

Drillers, mechanics, electricians had 22 to 25 years average experience in addition to the qualified manpower trained and provided by the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP) and INH, the Company organizes its own specific training sessions in drilling specialties, electricity and mechanics, this in order to meet possible shortage of qualified personnel, sometimes due to turnover.


Drilling close up

Thanks to its highly qualified staff, technicians and to its fully equipped and specialized workshops, the company undertakes all maintenance of its drilling installations, trucks fleet and equipment's.


The Company covers 40 % of the domestic market needs in drilling in spite of the rough and demanding work conditions met with by workers and equipments.


Société par actions au capital de 400.000.000 DA

The management Staff:

D. SAHB IGeneral Manager
Deputy General Manager/Economical
A. ACILA Deputy
General Manager/Technical
Deputy General Manager/Logistic

1/ - Head Office

P.O Box 211 Hassi Messaoud
(Ouargla) ALGERIA
Phone: 213 9 73 81 85/73 71 35/73 75 40
Telex: 44028-44077
Fax: 213 9 73 80 26

2/ - Algiers Office

1, Place Bir Hakeim - El-Biar - Algiers -
Phone: 213 021 92 16 45
Fax: 213 021 92 47 37

3/ - Drilling Department

P.O Box 211 Hassi Messaoud
(Ouargla) ALGERIA
Phone: 213 9 73 74 16/73 74 21/73 85 39/73 24 62
Telex: 44060
Fax: 213 9 73 85 79

4/- Work-over Department

Road of Irara
Hassi Messaoud
(Ouargla) ALGERIA
Phone: 213 9 73 05 75/73 01 44/73 01 27
Fax: 213 9 73 01 40