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Greetings and Civilities
There are no exact equivalent for ´hello´ and `goodbye´ in Fijian Hindi. The most common greeting is 'kaise` (How are you?). The usual reply is tik (fine). In parting, it's common to say ´fir melega´ (We´ll meet again).
More formal greetings are: namaste (for Hindus), salam alaikum(for Muslim)-the reply to the latter is alaikum salam. There are no equivalent for 'please' and `thank you´. To be polite in making requests, people use the word 'thora' (a little) and a special form of verb ending in 'na', eg thora nimak dena (please pass the salt).
They also use the polite form of the word 'you', ap, instead of the informal tum. Polite and informal modes of address are indicated in this guide by the abbreviations 'pol' and 'inf' respectively.
For thanks people just say 'acha' (good). The English please and thank are mostly used. The word dhanyavad is used to thank someone who has done something special for you. It means something like blessing bestowed upon you.

Yes Ha
No Nahi
Maybe Sayit
I'm sorry (for something serious) Maf Karna
What's your name?
Apke/tumar namka hai?
My name is ... hamar nam ...
Where are you from? Ap/tum kaha ke hai?
I'm from ... ham ... ke hai
Are you married? Sadi ho gaya?
How many children do you have? kitna larkan hai?
I don't have any Larkan nai hai
Two boys and three girls Diu larka aur tin larki

Language Difficulties
Do you speak English ? ap/tum English bolta?
Does anyone here speak English? Koi English bole?
I don't understand Hum nai samajhta

Getting Around
Where is the ... ? ...kaha hai
Shop dukan
Airport eyapot
(main) bus station basten
market maket
temple mandir
mosque masjid
church cec

You can also use the English words hotel, guesthouse, camping ground, toilet, post office, embassy, tourist information office, museum, cafe, restaurant and telephone.
I want to go to... ham ...jae magta
Is it near/far? Nagic/dur hai?
Can I go by foot? Paidar jae sakta?
Go straight ahead Sidha jao
Please write down the address thora edres likh dena
By the ... ke pas
coconut tree Nariyal ke per
Mango tree am ke per
Breadfruit tree belfut ke per
Sugarcane field ganna khet
When does the ... kitna baje ...
leave/arrive? Cale/pahuche?
Ship jahaj
Car mottar

You can also use the English words, bus, plane, and boat.
Food and Drink
to eat, food khana
to drink pina
cayaqona ( kava) nengona,grog
liquor daru
beer bia
water pani
I don't drink alcohol Ham daru nai pita
I don't eat hot (spicy) food Ham tita kana nai khata
I don't eat meat Ham gos nai khata
I eat vegetables Ham tarkari khata
Just a little Tora thora
Enough! bas
Very good bahutacha

I'm... hame
Diabetic cini ke bimari hai
epileptic mirgi awe
asthmatic sas fule ki bimari hai
I'm allergic to penicillin Penesilin se hum bimar ho jai
I have a stomachache Hamar pet pirawe
I feel nauseous Hame chant lage
I'm constipated Pet kara ho gaya
Contraceptive pariwar niyojan ke dawai

Help me! Hame madad karo!
Go away! Jao!
Call the doctor/police Dokta ke/pulis ke bulao
Where is the hospital? Aspatal kaha hai?
I've been robbed! Cori ho gaya!
Medicine dawai
Sanitary pad ped, nepkin
Tampon tampon

Times and Dates
What is the time? Kitna baje?
It's ...o'clock ...baje
When? Kab?
Today aj
Tonight aj ratke
Tomorrow bihan
Yesterday kal

English days of the week are generally used
1 ek
2 dui
3 tin
4 car
5 panc
6 che
7 sat
8 ath
9 na
10 das
100 sau
1000 hazar


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Our special thanks to Fiji Visitors Bureau for the magnificent pictures, and all our sources, plus all our interviewees who have proved to be an invaluable source of information, as we say in Fiji… "Vinaka Vaka levu".

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