As nation reconciles with itself, a successful transition helps Rwanda recover from past wounds.
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Geography and climate

Rwanda is extended over an exiguous territory of 26,338 square kilometers. It is a small country in the heart of Africa with almost 8.000.000 inhabitants. Rwanda possesses natural resources of exceptional beauty and variety: its countless lakes and rivers, fauna and flora as well as its magnificent volcanoes and mountains, natural resources, its expressive folklore and traditional handcraft …constitute a considerable source of attraction and assets for the country.
Rwanda is located in the Great Lakes region between the Central and Eastern parts of Africa
and shares common borders with:

  • Uganda in the North
  • Burundi in the South
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo in the West
  • RWANDA in the East
    Rwanda is a land-locked country, with no access to the Ocean: The Indian ocean is 1200 km and the Atlantic ocean is 2200 km away from Rwanda. The country is between the 7 400km distance from the Cape to Cairo.
    Rwanda has a very mild tropical climate. Temperatures vary throughout the year in between 20° and 30°C.
    It is never too hot or cold. The nights can be somewhat cool, especially at higher levels or in the rain seasons. (Mid January to mid April and from mid October to the end of the year)
    Rains can be abundant but very seldom lasts for a whole day. Rain alternates with bright sunshine during the rain season. The dry season can be very dusty.

Rwanda is known as the country of one thousand hills. Indeed, while travelling around in Rwanda you will discover one hill behind another, no straight ways for more than one kilometer. Roads climbing up and turning down in an uninterrupted rhythm.

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