As nation reconciles with itself, a successful transition helps Rwanda recover from past wounds

  Dr.Ephraim Kabaija
Interview with:
Dr.Ephraim Kabaija,
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Forestry
  Mr Silas Kanamugire
Interview with:
Mr Silas Kanamugire,
Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communication
  Mr. Marcel Bahunde
Interview with:
Mr. Marcel Bahunde,
Minister of Energy, Water & Natural Resources
  Mr. Donald Kaberuka
Interview with:
Mr. Donald Kaberuka,
Minister of Regional Development
Interview with:
Mr.Honnorable Jean de Dieu Mucyo,
Minister of Justice and Institutional Relations
  Mr. François Kanimba
Interview with:
Mr. François Kanimba,
Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda

  Prof. Romain Murenzi
Interview with:
Prof. Romain Murenzi,
Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Scientific Research
  Mr.Robert Bayigamba
Interview with:
Mr.Robert Bayigamba,
Executive Secretary of the Privatization Secretariat
  Mr. Andre Bumaya
Interview with:
Mr. Andre Bumaya,
Minister of Foreign Affairs & Regional Cooperation
  Mr. Vaclar Petricek
Interview with:
Honorable Dr. Alexandre Lyambabaje,
Minister of commerce, industry and tourism
Interview with:
Mrs. Fatuma Ndangiza,
Executive Secretary of National Unity and Reconciliation Commission
  Mr. Bonaventure Niyibizi
Interview with:
Mr. Bonaventure Niyibizi,
Director General of Rwanda Investment Promotion Agency
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