The process our teams use to collect information on our target countries and regions involves hundreds of interviews with a places' top CEOs, Chairmen, and political leaders. They share with us their opinions, business tips, expansion plans, and comments on their sectors and their countries’ economies.
Here you have full access to our most exciting and revealing interviews with some of the most interesting leaders and decision-makers from around the world.

All Interviews
Interviewee Position Company Country Year Language
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Procredit BankKosovo2009EN
PresidentARDA REIKosovo2009EN
PresidentMabetex GroupKosovo2009EN
General ManagerEurokoha ReisenKosovo2009EN
MayorMunicipality Of PrishtinaKosovo2009EN
MayorMunicipality Of PrishtinaKosovo2009EN
MayorMunicipality Of PrishtinaKosovo2009EN
OwnerKosova Steel GroupKosovo2009EN
Managing DirectorPrishtina International AirportKosovo2009EN
Chairman of the Governing BoardIndependent Commission for Mines and MineralsKosovo2009EN
CEOCongress and Event OrganizationKosovo2009EN
PresidentDukagjini GroupKosovo2009EN
General ManagerNewko BalkanKosovo2009EN
Managing DirectorRegional Water Company - PrishtinaKosovo2009EN
Acting Manager DirectorEnergyKosovo2009EN
Acting Manager DirectorEnergyKosovo2009EN