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Informative note of the embassy of Venezuela in Cairo.
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela presents its compliments to World Investment News, on the opportunity of informing of the following.
Kuwait is a small, relatively open economy with proven crude oil reserves of about 96 billion barrels, which is around 10% of World reserves.

ONLF rebellion.
(Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie, Published March 2007)
Ogadenia is a forgotten land wrecked by war and very harsh living conditions.

World Investment news estuvo en la recepción del embajador de nigeria en Madrid.
World Investment News felicita a los organizadores del cocktail ofrecido por la embajada de Nigeria en el 46º aniversario de la Independencia del país en el hotel Foxá M-30 en Madrid.
Avant son départ définitif de la Côte d’Ivoire - Mme Gbagbo à l’Ambassadeur d’Israël
Organización Mundial del Turismo elogia Plan Nacional de Turismo de El Salvador.
Por primera vez en la historia del turismo en El Salvador, la OMT, principal organismo rector de este rubro, destaca la labor que se realiza en el país en materia de turismo.
Acuerdo para mejorar la cooperación regional en los campos de turismo y cultura en Centroamérica.
El Consejo Centroamericano de Turismo (CCT) y el Consejo de Ministros de Cultura de Centroamérica firmaron una serie de acuerdos tendientes a mejorar ambos sectores. El documento contempla el apoyo a tres nuevas rutas turísticas centroamericanas, con el objetivo de diversificar la oferta como multidestino.
Representante de Winne saluda a SAR Principe Felipe de Borbón durante su estancia en El Salvador
President of Côte d'Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo grants an audience to WINNE President Pascal Belda
Laurent Gbagbo, Presidente de Côte d'Ivoire granted and audience to Pascal Belda, PDG de WINNE, David Azan and Philippe Gauze diplomatic of the Côte d'Ivoire embassy in Spain, and Benjamín Djedje, Special advisor of the President of Côte d'Ivoire.
Latin Trade ubica a El Salvador entre las primeras posiciones del turismo de negocios
(Antiguo Cuscatlán, 30 de marzo de 2006, Comunicado de prensa No. 29/I/06 )
La ciudad de San Salvador fue evaluada como la mejor ciudad en Centroamérica para hacer negocios, puesto compartido con Costa Rica.

OLF rebellion
(Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie, February 2006 - Published March 2006)\
The Ethiopian government, controlled by the Tigrean ethnic minority has survived the past 15 years trying putting down any signs of resistance to its rule, arresting any protestors, killing and torturing at will.


Conference of President of Front Populaire Ivoirien FPI Pascal Affi N´Guessan, and Vice President of the International Socialist and former Prime Minister of Cote d´Ivoire in Cuzco Madrid
World Investments News has welcome the President of the Front Populaire Ivoirien, Vice President of the International Socialits and Former Primer Minister of Cote d´Ivoire in Madrid.

El mar se abre en oriente
Cada año, alrededor de 5.000 personas acuden a la isla coreana, Jindo, para ver el llamado “Milagro de Moisés”. El embajador francés, Pierre Rendi, observó el fenómeno por primera vez y asombrado, escribió para el periódico francés en abril de 1975: “He visto el milagro de Moisés en Oriente.”

La crise Ivoirienne au seuil de la Paix
GRANDE CONFERENCE PUBLIQUE A PARIS: Conférencier: Laurent Dona FOLOGO, Président du C.E.S Thème : La crise Ivoirienne au seuil de la Paix. Dimanche 12 juin - 14H. En savoir plus...

Nepal’s war
(Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie, March 2005 - Published June 2005)
Nepal’s conflict is probably one of the least understood wars at this time. Indeed the details on the conditions of civilian livelihood in the combat areas, as well as the tactics, operations employed, and weaponry used by both sides is equally unknown.

Maoist rebellion
(Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie, February 2005 - Published June 2005)
On a rock in the middle of the remote region of Rolpa district in Western Nepal, is written with white paint a Maoist saying: “To rebel is a people’s right”.

Gibraltarians Gather for the Pope
(April 2005)
In Gibraltar, a place of great ethnic and religious diversity, citizens gathered at Gibraltar's Cathedral for an emotional service.
Sakhalin: The next wave
(january 2005)
We have known for a long time that Sakhalin is an island which holds major hydrocarbon resources, yet only now are we exploiting this potential.
Exploring the Complexities of the Ossetian War
(january 2005)
Throughout the 20th and now the 21st century, the political situation in the South Caucasus has never been an easy problem to solve. Russia's interests in the region, contrary to popular belief, are still strong.
Accountable Government Models Discussed By Alabbar And Giuliani At Leaders In Dubai (december 2004)
The USA's involvement in Iraq came under the spotlight in a hard-hitting debate between His Excellency Mohamed Alabbar, Director General of Dubai's Department of Economic Development and chairman of Emaar Properties, and Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York.
Sustainable development through tourism: Profit in the Caribbean (november 2004)
With a view of palm trees and Caribbean waters, European business people in dark suits were running to their meetings while American tourists were sunning poolside in the Ritz-Carleton Golf and Spa hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica... (continues)
  Romanian Presidential Campaign Grows Tenser (november 2004)
The narrowing margin between the leading presidential candidate PM Adrian Nastase and its challenger Traian Basescu prompts growing tension. (november 2004).
SADC Summit 2004: United We Stand (august 2004)
The Heads of State of 13 southern African nations met in Mauritius in August to discuss cooperation in areas of security, democracy, and economic development.
HONDURAS: Europa y Centroamérica se acercan
El Presidente de la Republica el Sr. Ricardo Maduro lleva desde su elección al cargo un programa bien detallado para incentivar el despegue de la economía Hondureña. Para lograr tal esfuerzo, su política se basa en un programa nacional de competitividad, que incluye turismo, maquila, agro-industria y la industria forestal.
The Crans Montana Forum: Can dialogue really make a difference?
While overlooking the Alps mountains, I was savouring a Swiss raclette and talking with the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, moments after having exchanged a few words with the Vice President of Iraq, Mr. Rowsch Shaways about democracy and the security situation in his country.
Spain is going through a transformation – a new chapter in its history
Following the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco in 1975, “la movida” represented a change in Spanish society towards the creation of a modern, democratic and artistic nation. Spain later re-established itself as a European player and joined the EEC in 1986.
Special Section on the European Union Enlargement
The European Union will experience on the 1st of May its largest expansion ever. Ten countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Cyprus are poised to form part of this ambitious project aimed at reuniting at long last a continent convulsed by conflicts and divided by its political destinies.
Nigeria: Key Interviews with the Top V.I.P.'s
Suffer the Children: The street children of kinshasa
March 1, 2004 - The latest horror that the Congolese people have gotten into is that they are accusing their children of being witches and either killing them or casting them out into the streets.
Article by CJ Maloney
Photographs by Jonathan Alpeyrie
BTC Signs Project Finance Agreements
February 3, 2004 - Press Release from BP Press Office in Baku.
Honduras In the Spotlight
January, 2004 - A bridge between Central America and Europe. (In spanish)
Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Nigeria (dic. 2003)
Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II visits the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Nigeria.
Commonwealth Business Forum (2-4 dic. 2003)
President Obasanjo to address the biggest conference on sustainable development since Johannesburg 2002.
2nd meeting of Heads of State of The African Union (10-12 july 2003)
Held in Maputo, Mozambique.
OECD / OCDE Forum 2003 in Paris (28-29 april 2003)
Conclusions on the recent OECD Forum held in Paris during the 28th and 29th of April.
Speech of H.E. Mikulas Dzurinda (10 february 2003)
Prime Minister of Slovakia, during The Economist Conference, held in Bratislava.
World Bank Report Highlights Need for Success at Cancun Trade Talks
WTO Breakthrough Would Spur Confidence, Boost Incomes, Reduce Poverty.
Entrepreneurship in Africa. A Study of Successes
By David S. Fick.
By Elmar Mammadov.
Prime Minister of Algeria, Mr. Ali Benflis
meets our colleagues Xavier Bruneau, and Natalia Anguas.
President Jacques Chirac of France
during his State visit to Algeria.
His Excellency Prime Minister of Slovakia Mikulas Dzurinda
meets our colleague Laurence Diebold in Bratislava.
Children of Chiapas: Smiles of Hope"
Photographs by Jonathan Alpeyrie
Children are too often the victims of conflicts that adults create. Through their eyes, they gather all the images of incomprehensive cruelty as spectators of a game they do not yet understand.




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